Skogar Forest

Reforestation project in the Westfjords of Iceland

As trustees, or stewards, of the planet's vast resources and biological diversity, humanity must learn to make use of the earth's natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, in a manner that ensures sustainability and equity into the distant reaches of time

– Baha’i International Community

Who We Are

Skógar is a reforestation project in Þorskafjörður, situated in the Westfjords of Iceland. The aim of the project is to promote well-being and justice through collaboration and by working closely with local land owners, organizations and with the Icelandic Forest Service to achieve soil preservation and reforestation. Every year a dedicated group of people dedicate hundreds of hours to cultivating the forest in Skógar, with over 130,000 trees planted since 2006. The continuity of the reforestation work over many decades has offered the community tremendous opportunities to collaborate with individuals, NGOs, government agencies and international organizations.

Get Involved

Join the group of hardworking volunteers without whom Skogar would not be possible.


Skogar features stunning landscapes and beautiful terrains, surrounded by mountains in the Westfjords of Iceland!

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